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____ by this grandparents, jimmy wasn’t used to living with his parents。

He was clever enough to ___ for the mathematics scholarship.

How many morphemes in the word \meaningfulness\?

If the United States had built more homes for the poor in 1995.the housing problems now in some parts of this country___so serious.

How much is Joe’s fine going to be?[________]

What should the public schools do to fulfill their tasks of training 21st centry skills?

Cullen opened the world's first real supermarket in 1930.

1 Study the map of Brazil for one minute, then complete the sentences. The town in the north is Recife . 1 The town in the south is ____. 2 The capital is ____. 3 The longest river is the ____. 4 The highest mountain is ____. 5 In the south, it has a border with ____. 6 In the north, it has a border with ____. 7 A popular city with tourists is ____. 8 It’s famous for Sugar Loaf ____. 9 Brasilia isn’t near the sea; it’s ____. 10 Rio is on the ____.

NBC, CBS, and ABC are three major television networks in the USA, all of which broadcast dramas, news, soap operas, talk shows, and sports events.

5 How much was the train bill/fare? ____

设深度为k的二叉树上只有度为0和度为2的节点,则这类二叉树上所含结点总数最少( )个

'The only thing we have to fear is fear itself' and promised to take_,even_and_against the emergency

物流管理的基本职能包括( )等。

She__________ to accept that there was a problem.



I think I would have died of ________.

向已有表中添加新字段或约束的SQL语句是( )。



All the following information should be told the emergency call-takers except your______.

We can't afford to lose this because the future of the company depends on it.

When working, one needs to __________ and not allow oneself to be distracted.

How would the passengers and crew leave the island?

We must remember that _____fashion is not the most important thing in _______ life.


premier [5premjE, -miE]

62. What does Alex Pang try to do in his new book?


具有运量大、速度快、全天候、成本低等优势的运输形式是( )。


A: Hello, Mary. I'd like you to meet Mark. B:__________________

At this time, over 100 experiments are ______________ in this laboratory.

Which of the following was the author's previous attitude towards his body?




In today's society, the knowledge of a lifetime _________.

The cash ratio is usually a good indication of the liquidity of the firm.

The new manager hoped to__________ the decline in the company's fortunes.

He is a dangerous man. Y ou ’ d better keep him at ____ length.

4.The client was very hard to please and had been complaining all the time, despite all our efforts to satisfy her demands.( )

Though their _ differed they got along as friends.

Actually, the writing structure has a lot of limitations itself.



企业以各种方式为公众服务,如:消费指导、消费培训、免费修理,属于公关活动方式的( )。

This is ( ) book ( ) I'd like to read once more.

有三个关系R,S和T分别如上:则由关系R,S得到关系T的操作是( )。ac1f2d05916efe81595dee75f191fca4.png

What’s the position of the ship?

I'm ___________.(感激) for all the help and encouragement you've given me.

It's very kind _____ you _______ help me . A . to ; of B . of ; to C . for ; to D . to ; to

60. What is the author's view on daycare service?


Why do you usually need to apply for a credit card at a bank?

When I looked out of the window oh, my God there was smoke ____ out of the wing of the plane.

3章--设有初始力空的栈s,对于入栈序列a、b、c、d,经由一个合法的进栈和出栈操作序列后(每个元素迸栈、出栈各1次),以c作为第一个出栈的元素时,不能得到的序列为( )。

Mrs. Smith finds it hard to clear up the mess, as her children are always ______ whenever she tries to.

I feel sure that _____ qualification, ability and experience, you are abundantly suited to the position we have in mind.

immune to the ideological temptation

The birth rate in a city to fall as its gross domestic product (GDP)rises steadily.

The purpose of this news report is to ____.

She will be a lot more involved in the _____________.

Booking________ is not mentioned as the reservation purpose?

水准仪的粗略整平是通过调节( )来实现的。

写出下列程序段的运行结果。 s=0 For k=10 To 50 Step 15 s=s+k Next k Print s

Bargaining customs are similar around the world. ( )



2.Why do women in authority positions suffer from chronic stress?

when the input to an inverter is HIGH(1), the output is

Wales was conquered by ( ).

Grandma pointed to the hospital and said, “That's ________ I was born.”

显微投影法是一种重要的定量分析方法, ()混纺织物的定量分析只能采用该分析方法


We believe him to______a mistake that he didn't accept the invitation to the party.


The text _____ from the earlier versions.

_____ 10. Long-distance connection has been made easier and faster with the Internet.

Why does the earth become cool?


A:Hello, I'm calling to confirm my room reservation. My name is John Smith. B:( )?

I am very hungry and I want ___ to eat, ____ will do.

The author didn't look forward to the holiday as he didn't have money to enjoy it.


The government is responsible ____the nation’s welfare.

安装操作系统的方法不包括( )。


有下列程序: void change (int k[ ]){k[0]=k[5];} main( ) { int x[10]={1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10},n=0; while (n<=4){change(&x[n]);n+ +;} for(n=0;n<5;n+ +)printf(\%d\,x[n]); printf(\\\n\); } 程序运行后输出的结果是( )

On the surface, that doesn't sound as bad as it really is.

After they________ the first super computers in the 1940s,scientists and engineers began to develop ways to create networks.