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石油裂化用钢管是( ),主要供炼油厂管式加热炉的辐射炉管、热油管道及高温介质换热器等场合。

下列属于异常心理影响到人的感知觉的症状包括( )

The _______ of this machine is simple. (operate)



不属于氧气切割的设备是( )。


在商品保管卡使用中,把商品保管卡片分散悬挂在货垛或货架靠干、支道一侧明显的位置上的方式是( )


附子主产于( )



塔设备采用双杠整体滑移吊装法安装时,其工艺过程为( )。



2.桥式起重机一般采用( )方法调速。

Usually when we talk about the ethos of a people or a nation, we specifically refer to people’s ___, ideals, __, ethics, morals, dreams, and __.

What an unforgettable experience! I'll write it down ______ it is still fresh in my memory.

They believed that by using computers the production of their factory _____.


熔化极气体保护电弧焊按操作方式的不同,可分为( )和( )两类

1 If I have time a need to have a part-time job2 I need b I'll clean my bedroom3 I want to c to become more organized4 I don't d better at math5 I really must get e improve my English

6、The children were__________ into groups for the game。

窗体上有一命令按钮Command1,编写以下事件过程: Private Sub Command1_Click() a = 200: b = 200: c = 2000: d = 2000 Cls Line (a, b)-(c, d), vbBlue, BF End Sub 运行时,单击按钮,窗体上显示( )。

有以下程序: #include void fun(char *t,char *s) { while(*t!=0)t++; while((*t++=*s++)!=0); } main() { char ss[10]=”acc”,aa[10]=”bbxxyy”; fun(ss,aa); printf(“%s,%s\\n”,ss,aa); } 程序运行结果是

I'm going to call ___ one of my former classmates

______ , the sales manager began his report with the statistics of last month's sales.


obsession [Eb5seFEn]

I'd like you to give me to read.

熔化极电弧焊时,焊丝的作用有( )。

Jenny always uses public _____. She doesn't know how to drive.

在直流弧焊机上采用反接方法焊接,适用于厚件的焊接生产。( )


The driver is in a ________ cabin.

________ right now, she would have enough time to get there on this Sunday evening to take part in her sister's wedding ceremony.

A few simple (modify)__________ to this work would greatly improve it.

在Powerpoint中,下列菜单一般不属于菜单栏的是( )

I'm sorry. I _____________ you__________ to me.

CVT 与 DSG 相比结构简单且变速范围比 DSG 宽,在高速状态油耗较低。


6) I participated in and supervised the structural design of the key project “Hongshan Television Tower” in 2006.

I'm afraid I won't pass the exam.Come on, Bill. You should believe in _____. That's the secret of success.


30年代青主以 ( ) 谱曲创作《我住长江头》。


The problem is _____ it may take time for new facts to become available.

The manager promised that the customer's complaint would (look into) _______ as soon as possible.

2.) _____________________________________________ . I enjoy summer sports like water skiing and baseball. The weather is usually sunny and hot, so I can go to the beach almost every day. Gardening is my hobby and I spend many summer days working in my garden. Unfortunately, the days pass too quickly in summer.


Paper ________ from the wood.

Theory X assumes that human beings are inherently good.

bureaucracy [bjuE5rCkrEsi]

The celebration of presenting the statue to the United States took place in ____________.

Brown tawny owls win the battle against natural selection finally.

Would you like tea or coffee?_______, thank you. I've just had some water.


The trade show with as many vendors as possible for the product your are shopping for can offer more options.

Thomas More was well-educated. And he was determined to give his daughters the same classical education as his son, which was a truly _______ idea at that time.

As we all know, sound and light are_____. We can’t touch them.

clumsy [5klQmzi]

Which of the following is NOT among the two ways of applying the pit fields method?

George _____ have missed the way, I explained the route carefully and drew him a map.

I'd like you to give me to read.

The projects __________ by the end of 2017 will expand the city's telephone network to cover 1,000,000 users.


(I) Firms and individuals use the capital markets for long-term investments. (II) The capital markets provide an alternative to investment in assets such as real estate and gold.

7 The girl is in front of the postman. ____


Measures should be taken to avoid the negative effect (bring) ________ about by unfair competition.

----Mary hasn’t come home yet.----Well, where _____ on such a night?

系统脱敏训练是建立在沃尔普的( )基础之上的。

8.The plant provides forty percent of the country's electricity.


Changing human resource activities to attract and retain health care specialists due to increased needs for those workers is an example of what kind of environmental change factor?

专家意见法不适合于( )的预测


The awakening __________ of Africa (country, state, nation, land)

允许多个用户以交互方式使用计算机的操作系统,称为( ):

My birthday with my husband's.

Whichofthefollowingwords means“工作狂”?

We __________ so tired. We've only been to a party.


… she never forgot her birthright . The underlined word means “ cultural heritage as a woman ” .

What is the reflected meaning of intercourse ?

All the stamps will be mailed out from New York, Geneva and Brussels.

Getting the audience's attention is a vital part of a good speech


Millions of years ago, changes in the Earth's climate caused animal and plant life to ______. (diversion)

计算机中的算法指的是解决某一个问题的有限运算序列,它必须具备输入、输出、( )等5个特性。

Let's __________ the bad potatoes from the basket.

How many years does Simba spend with Timon and Pumbaa?

Let's listen to the radio program that the teacher mentioned, ______? (1.0分)

Please stop______. Let's listen to the radio.

He criticized the huge pay ___________ awarded to industry bosses.

Did Mr. Clark also think there is such thing as a “typical” Englishman?

在()中选上适当的/r/、/w/、/j/音。They’re media( )efforts.