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知道知行合一 社会实践?创新创业网课答案

2020-08-02 23:17
高级语言从客观系统的描述分类,分成( ) 和面向对象程序设计语言两类。

Once the expected performance has been defined and employees' performances have been measured, it is necessary to feed that performance information back to the employees so that they can correct any deficiencies.

I'll never forget_____ her dance for the first time in the hall.

现有如下程序段: #include \stdio.h\ main() { intk[30]={12,324,45,6,768,98,21,34,453,456}; int count=0,i=0; while(k[i]) {if(k[i]%2==0||k[i]%5==0)count++; i++; } printf(\%d,%d\\n\,count,i);} 则程序段的输出结果为( )。

每组水幕自动喷水灭火系统的安装喷头数不宜超过( )个。

What are you doing this Saturday? I'm not sure, but I ______ go to the Rolling Stones concert

What's the weather ____________?

Hi, Jack. Is this your new bike?No. ______ is over there. It's a present from my uncle.


I'm sorry. I _____________ you__________ to me.

Palmer Park is a good choice for ______.

下列程序段的输出结果是() for(i=0,j=0,k=0; i<=j;i++,j-=3,k=i+j) cout<

风速测量的任务是在( )及以下的径赛项目、跳远、三级跳远及全能运动的上述项目中,及时、准确地测量运动员跑向的风速。

People are influenced by others around them. As a__________ , they tend to follow the behavior of the group.__________ , when in a new culture, they often feel like \a fish out of water.”(consequence (n), consequently (adv))

I don't know __________.

It's _____to open an L/C because we need to put a deposit in the bank.

What's the temperature in Hong Kong?

After Charlie became one of the author's family members, the author __________.

The little boy ____ himself down to his underwear without the help of adults.

It's well-known today that good ______ is essential to health. (nutritious)

砌石护坡的优点是施工进度快,工程量大。 ( )

Let's take _____ of this opportunity to work hard for our country.

He spoke so quickly; I didn't ______ what he said.

Would you like to play basketball with us? Yes, I'd love to. _____ I'm afraid I have no time.

He didn't go to the party, but he does wish he _____ there.

We haven't seen each other _____ last October.


If a corporation begins to suffer large losses, then the default risk on its bonds will _________ and the equilibrium interest rate on these bonds will _________.

60. What is the author's view on daycare service?

8 、 He plays the piano ______________ .(bad)

We cannot emphasize the importance of improving the public awareness and saving natural esources too much.

Which of the following is NOT a guideline that should be followed in the composition of a speaker's purpose statement? It should

“I'm D-d-david,” he _________.

Number Ten Downing Street is the British prime minister's official________.

The teacher, as well as all his students, __________ by the dancer's performance.

I'm sorry. I _____________ you__________ to me.

According to the second story, the term “OK” was first used____________.

The veteran solider has fought many ______ battles. (memory)


According to the author, 'In the Old World, people are taught to hide their ambition'.


Who will be punished if models considered too skinny are hired?

一笔应收或应付外币账款的时间结构对外汇风险的大小具有直接影响,时间越长外汇风险就越( )。


Which process is the most suitable to volume produce the bottle caps?http://p.ananas.chaoxing.com/star3/origin/6ae9fe5bd0a2f14c9a625cb92c2da00a.jpg

记账后,发现记账凭证上应借、应贷的会计科目并无错误,但所填金额有错,致使账簿记录错误,正确的更正方法是( )。

We___them because of the noise from the river then.


20.Did he eventually__________ finding a new apartment closer to the campus?

The ceremony was ____ live by satellite to over fifty countries.


What is Milton's stated purpose in Paradise Lost?

McDonald’s serves 46 million customers each day in 118 countries.

3.When Tom said he wasn't born with a silver spoon in his mouth, he was trying to say that he was not born in a rich family.

分析下面的程序,以下程序:#includeusing namespace std;int main(){ int x=5,a=0,b=0;if(x=a+b)cout<


#includevoid fun(char *s){ while(*s){ if(*s%2==0) printf(\%c\,*s);s++; }}main(){ char a[]={\abcd\};fun(a);printf(\ \);}字母a的ASCⅡ码值为97,程序的输出结果是

What does the word \literature\ mean?

He __________ anything since he was promoted to a sales manager a month ago.


分析下面的程序,以下程序:#includeusing namespace std;int main(){ int x=5,a=0,b=0;if(x=a+b)cout<

Up went the prices, _______.


以下程序段中的变量已正确定义:for(i=0;i<4;i++,i++ )for(k=1;k<3;k++); printf('*');程序段的输出结果是______。

以下程序段的输出结果是( )。int a=10,b=50,c=30;if(a>b)a=b;b=c;c=a;printf(\a=%d b=%d c=%d\\n\,a,b,c);

(concern) ______ your letter , I am very pleased to inform you that your plans are quite acceptable to us.

I didn't enjoy thebook because I couldn't identify anyof the main characters.

This involvesteachingthepatienttobloodlevels,makegoodfoodchoices,developandmaintainan exerciseprogram,andtakemedication.

As soon as the boy was able to earn his own living he ______ his parents' strict rules.

The ______ on this apartment expires in a year's time.

金属材料在静载荷作用下产生永久的变形称为( )。

In the aesthetic movement of the 19th century, 'Art for Art's Sake' can simply mean the focus on ( ) rather than on deep meaning of literary works.


有以下程序# include fun(int x){ if(x/2>0) fun(x/2) ;printf(\%d\, x);}main(){ fun(6); printf(\\\n\); }程序运行后的输出结果是 。

建设工程项目质量管理的PDCA循环工作原理中,'C'是指( )。

设有定义: int a; float b; ,执行 scanf(\%2d%f\,&a,&b); 语句时,若从键盘输入: 876 543.0 , a 和 b 的值分别是 ________ 。

Do not …

What's the purpose of IELTS Listening Test?

在任何情况下,个人储蓄的增加都会使实际国内生产总值减少,这是节俭的悖论。( )


假定完全竞争行业内某厂商在目前产量水平上的边际成本、平均成本和平均收益均等于 1 美元,则这家厂商( )。

下列哪一种税收会引起最大的无谓损失?( )

在软件工程项目中,不随参与人员的增加而使软件的生产率增加的主要问题是( )。

Statistics show that the worst drivers in the world are young men. _________, at anytime that I look closely at any car that is going too fast, overtaking in the wrong place or driving too close to the car in front, there will be a young man in the driver ' s seat.

The best title which expresses the idea of the passage is_______.

Rewrite the following sentence with \be true of\. Usually, you shake your head to mean \No,\ but in many parts of India, people shake their heads to mean \Yes.\

4 Go into the beach/shop. ____

MRR ( Metal Removal Rate ) refers to



Part III Compound Dictation Directions: Listen to the whole passage once again and fill in the blanks with the right sentences you have heard. 1. The document__________________________ . 2. Some observers say China needs to __________________________.

Breaking up the banks might have satisfied taxpayers' desire for revenge, but it is not clear what problems it would have solved.

Her politics ____ neither conservative nor liberal.

当今世界最大的证券交易所( )。


Premier Li Keqiang has introduced a new \Internet Plus\ policy for China.